Creamy Chicken and Bow-Tie Pasta Recipe

Wearing a bowtie is optional for dining on this restaurant-quality chicken pasta. You’ve got dinner in the bag in just 25 minutes. PREPARATION TIME: 10 MIN,  TOTAL TIME: 25 MIN,  MAKES: 6 SERVINGS Ingredients 250 g farfalle 450 g chicken tenders 450 g asparagus , ends trimmed 3 tbsp olive oil ,Read More →

Keep Your Kids Cold-Free

Myths Gone Viral: Debunked As cold and flu season wears on, it’s pretty likely you or someone in your family have played host to one of the unpleasant respiratory viruses making the rounds. Getting rid of these unwelcome “guests”—or avoiding them altogether—starts with knowing which strategies and beliefs are helpful,Read More →

Pregnancy with Multiples

There were still some items remaining on Andrea Katz’s “twins to-do list” on the last day of week 32 of her pregnancy. She knew the babies might arrive on the early side, since multiples usually do, but she figured she had plenty of time left to wash their clothes and helpRead More →

Tips for Smarter Bedtime Snacks

Ah, the bedtime snack. For something so cozy-sounding, it obviously gives parents a lot of headaches—because as a dietitian, I get asked about it a lot. And as a parent, I’ve gone back and forth on just what to do. Here’s what I’ve learned over the years about the bedtimeRead More →

Tips to Stop Cyberbullying

It’s hard to protect your child if you don’t understand the problem with cyberbullying or see it happen. Parents need to be the ones their kids go to when something is wrong. However, parents are often the last ones to know about problems because their kids fear getting into moreRead More →