Tips for Massaging Baby

Never underestimate the power of a nice rubdown on your baby. “Massage reduces irritability and helps babies sleep better — the two biggest pediatric complaints,” says Tiffany Field, PhD, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine. “Parents generally discover that babies have a favorite place theyRead More →

When do babies start walking

Creeping At first, your baby may get around by “combat crawling” — pulling himself forward with his arms while letting his belly and legs drag on the floor. Or he may choose to scoot sideways or backward on his bottom to get closer to an enticing object. Whichever method ofRead More →

Flying with Your Baby

Lori Savery was anxious before her first flight with her then-eight-month-old son, Spencer. “I had no idea how I was going to do it solo,” she says. The mom from Halfway Brook, NS, worried that Spencer would cry inconsolably and that she’d have trouble getting his formula warmed up during their trip from HalifaxRead More →

Tips for Buying a Baby Bathtub

Buying a tub seems like it would be a simple task. Drive to the store, walk down the baby aisle, grab a tub, pay, and go. But once you’re looking at shelves full of tubs, ranging in prices from dirt cheap to “Are you crazy?” you may be confused. DoRead More →

Baby Grooming Tips

Can we agree? Babies are beautiful. The tiniest humans have no need of the kind of primping, spritzing, and outright camouflage many adults require to look their best. But even the most gorgeous babies (yes, yours) require some upkeep in the hair, nail, and skin departments. In fact, paying attentionRead More →

Tips for Buying a Stroller

Consider starting with just a frame. A baby is most comfortable in his car seat. To streamline your stroller-shopping, start with just a frame carrier, which costs less than $100. It’s a frame with wheels and a basket that you snap your car seat on. It may not last moreRead More →

Mom boobs questions answered

Early Pregnancy: The system of glands and ducts inside your breasts springs into action, growing larger and branching out. Your breasts may be visibly bigger already. Bumps called Montgomery’s tubercles appear around your areolas. Their job is to lubricate your nipples when it’s time for breastfeeding. Pregnancy 1. I’m only 8Read More →